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7:30pm Sunday nights

About Real Life

Real Life with John Cowan is a weekly nationwide chat show, featuring a different high-profile guest every week. John talks with them about their life, their upbringing, their passions and their view of the world. And when appropriate, we chat about faith, spirituality and “God-stuff”.

Real Life with John Cowan is all about the big questions of life.

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About John

John Cowan is primarily a parenting expert. He works in a number of roles including with The Parenting Place – a parenting and relationship help organisation. John is an accomplished author, media producer and seminar presenter. He’s been a hospital scientist in neurophysiology, a youth worker, a social worker and a minister, but his primary passion is communication: mainly as a speaker to live audiences, and as a writer.

John is in hot demand as a speaker for youth events, camps, churches and conventions. His wit and humour have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people in live-audiences around the country. He also speaks in high schools and at business conferences. His tapes and video courses are in wide use.

John co-authored ‘The White Water Rafting Years – a common sense guide to parenting teenagers’ with Ian Grant, plus he has written numerous magazine articles, manuals and booklets for teenagers, including ‘Sex with Attitude’.