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David Cunliffe

01 December 2013

David was born the son of an Anglican minister in Te Aroha. His earliest memories are of growing up in the vicarage of the small Waikato town.

After high school David won a scholarship to study at the International Baccalaureate in Wales. He later studied politics at the University of Otago where he gained a Bachelor of Arts with first-class honours.

In 1987 David took up a diplomatic role for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and was posted to Washington DC from 1990 – 1994. He held a Fulbright Scholarship at Harvard University’s John F Kennedy School of Government in 1994-1995, earning a Master of Public Administration.

This year he became leader of the Labour Party.

David spends his free time with family and friends, gardening, keeping fit and fishing. He is married to lawyer Karen Price and they have two sons.

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