with John Cowan

7:30pm Sunday nights

Inia Raumati

12 June 2016

Inia just finished the 250km ultra marathon in Namibia in support of NZ Men’s Health Trust. As part of the race he carried all of his own food, clothing, bedding etc. for the entire seven days – he came 4th in his age group and 15th overall.
Currently working as an Emergency Doctor at Auckland City Hospital, where he has been for about the last 4 years. He got involved in this years campaign as he saw too many men coming into the Emergency Dept with preventative diseases but due to lack of awareness they were in the later stages of the disease and often life threatening.

Inia also volunteers at Westpac Rescue as a HEMS doctor, about 4 shifts a month. He is also an Army Reservists Doctor for the NZDF, and will be taking a years leave from ED to work full time for the army in July. Inia first graduated from Otago University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 1997, he then worked for a couple of years and started Medical School in Auckland in 2000. He also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine. Since starting in medicine he has worked in Auckland, Whangarei, Taranaki, Sydney and Port Macquarie.

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