with John Cowan

7:30pm Sunday nights

Jazz Thornton

16 September 2018

23-year-old Jazz Thornton is using her difficult past as ammunition for a thriving future. With friend Genevieve Mora, Jazz founded the website Voices of Hope in 2016 as a place to provide support and hope to teens struggling with mental illness or losing hope.

Jazz, who survived 14 suicide attempts, put herself through film school to break the silence around mental illness. She enrolled in South Seas Film and Television School in 2016 to learn how to tell the stories of young people like her who have suffered from depression and been suicidal. She had been there only a few months when she created a short film called Dear Suicidal Me which has had more than 80 million views after being covered by international media.

Jazz is currently directing a documentary film, set to debut in 2019, entitled The Silence Film, which follows her own journey and provides hope and support to others.

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