with John Cowan

7:30pm Sunday nights

John Cowan

15 June 2014

John Cowan joined The Parenting Place in late 1995 as a seminar presenter and author. He writes the majority of The Parenting Place’s material, Attitude material and resources, and articles for Parenting magazine. As well as presenting parenting and relationship seminars, John has developed a life skills programme base for secondary school students, a puberty programme for intermediate schools and has been integral in developing and presenting the No Sweat Parenting programme.

A father of three adult children, John has a varied background – neuroscientist, youth worker, minister, media producer and social worker in mental health. His relaxed style of communication, combined with a highly developed sense of humour and empathy for people means he is the ideal presenter of the weekly show, interviewing different high profile guests on Real Life with John Cowan, each Sunday night on Newstalk ZB.

He lives in Auckland with his wife Naomi.