with John Cowan

7:30pm Sunday nights

Miranda Harcourt

21 August 2016

Harcourt’s acting career began playing a character on Radio New Zealand in the early 1970’s. She is best known for her role as “Gemma” in the 1980’s TV drama series Gloss. Harcourt spent three years acting on the show, and her character was so despicable that people spat at and insulted her in public.

Harcourt received a nomination in the 1989 Film and TV Awards for best actress for the role. Harcourt has starred in countless productions across New Zealand and in Australia.

As well as coaching NZ actors and casts, Harcourt has grown her professional scope to include overseas actors in Australia and America, including Anna Sophia Robb and Carrie Underwood. She both travels to and Skype coaches international actors requiring her expertise. As part of her role on the board of Film New Zealand, she also helps to market Kiwi actors to overseas film-makers.

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