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Thabo Cecil Makgoba

28 October 2012

Dr. Thabo Cecil Makgoba is the Archbishop and Primate for the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

Born in South Africa in 1960, Dr Thabo Makgoba graduated from high school in Johannesburg before studying for a Bachelor of Science at Wits University. He went on to study for Anglican ministry at St Paul’s College in Grahamstown. After getting married, he went back to Wits and obtained a Masters of Educational Psychology. He also spent several years lecturing at the same university.

Makgoba was made Bishop of Queenstown in 2002 and then Bishop of Grahamstown in 2004. He became Archbishop of Cape Town in December 2007 and is the youngest person to ever be elected to the role. In 2008, Makgoba was awarded the Cross of St Augustine by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Dr Thabo Makgoba is in New Zealand this week to take part in a global gathering of the Anglican Communion. He and representatives from each of the Communion’s 38 member churches will spend ten days discussing their global structures, mission, and other shared issues. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, is also attending. It will be his last international engagement before retirement.

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